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Opposite to Countdown

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Hello All.


I was wondering if there is a "function" (read: customizer) which is the opposite of COUNTDOWN.  I want to tell my customers how many days past deadline they now are.


Is there any way to do this?

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Re: Opposite to Countdown

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Well at the moment no you can't show it through a Ad customizer count down option. But I'm curious about how you going to use this kind of thing in a ad text?

Mind sharing your idea? So may be we can come with an alternative

Re: Opposite to Countdown

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Hi @Temi U you could do this fairly easily with a Script using the adParam method.


Create an Ad using {param1:default text} where the replaced parmeter is your number of days (replace "default text with something appropriate).  Then use a script that'll calculate the number of days and replace the param with the number.  Something like this should work:  I haven't tested this so can't guarantee there are no errors.  Make a new script, insert your own Campaign name and then PREVIEW the script.  If it works you should see a number of days in the Logs pane.  You may have to tweak it to get it right.


// Date to use to find out how many days have passed.
var END_DATE = new Date('June 4, 2015');


function main() {
var timeSince = calculateTimeLeftUntil(END_DATE);
var groupIter = AdWordsApp.adGroups()
.withCondition("CampaignName = 'Your_Campaign_Name")  //or other selector
.withCondition("Status = 'ENABLED'")


Logger.log("Days: " + timeSince['days']);

while(groupIter.hasNext()) {
var thisGroup =;
var keywords = thisGroup.keywords().get();
while (keywords.hasNext()) {
var keyword =;
keyword.setAdParam(1, timeSince['days']);


function calculateTimeSince(end) {
var current = new Date();
var timeSince = {};
var daysFloat = (end - current) /86400000;
timeSince['days'] = Math.floor(daysFloat);

return Math.abs(timeSince);


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