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One Google Analytics Account & few Adwords Accounts

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I have a situation that I am unable to find a proper solution. Actually I am bit confused and any help will be highly appreciated. 


A local agency have used a one Gmail account to handle their clients projects ( for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools). So they have more than 12 clients accounts under one Gmail ( and when we login to Google Analytics, each client have a unique account created under this Gmail. Nothing wrong with their structuring.   


Now they want to promote Google Adwords to their clients and now they face a problem. 


The issue is


How to link several clients google adwords accounts to the agency main Gmail /Google Analytics account? because they want to link Google Analytics and webmaster tools accounts with Adwords to take the maximum. Especially, link Adwords and Analytics.


what is the best solution for this.









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September 2015

Re: One Google Analytics Account & few Adwords Accounts

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Starting today, you can now link multiple AdWords accounts to under one agency Google Analytics account.

Link Analytics and AdWords - just complete the linking wizard for each property.

1 - Sign in to your AdWords account at
2 - Click the Tools tab, then select Google Analytics. Analytics will open in a new window.
3 -Click the Admin tab at the top of the page.
4- In the "Account" column, select the Analytics account that contains the property you want to link with one or more of your AdWords accounts.
5- In the “Property” column, select the Analytics property you want to link, and click AdWords Linking.

6 - Select the check box next to any AdWords accounts you want to link with your Analytics property

Now that you can link multiple AdWords accounts to Google Analytics, Now you can it easier import your AdWords data into multiple profiles in Google Analytics.

For More info visit this link .

Hope this will help you..

Re: One Google Analytics Account & few Adwords Accounts

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Hi Clal,


The answer is correct, up to the point and very clear. Referrals are also really useful. 


Thank You so much. This is the solution I was looking for.  


Thanks again and have a nice weekend Smiley Happy