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Office Hours: You asked, we answered

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Thanks to everyone who's been joining our recent Hangout Office HoursWe'll be hosting Office Hours again next Wednesday, September 11, at 9:30am PDT. Just check out the +Google Ads page at that time, if you want to join.


Here's a recap of some of the questions for anyone who was unable to join this week's Office Hours:


What is the benefit of negative keywords?

They're a great way to block out irrelevant traffic. For example, if you sell eyeglasses, you might want to add a negative keyword for "wine," in case someone is looking for "wine glasses." You don't want your ad showing to them. Here's more on negative keywords.


Is there an ultimate reporting template? What’s the best way to show reports to clients?

There isn’t an ultimate reporting template that is best, and you'll probably want to customize reports for different clients. But there are so many reports you can fetch and schedule in AdWords. To find of the variety of reports you can pull, check out this resource


How do you recommend merging two MCC accounts? Can you explain merging and not keeping the old ones?

Note that you can have sub MCC’s under a master MCC. Whether or not you want to do that depends on how your accounts are structured and probably whether or not you're managing the accounts with other folks. If you need to merge two pre-existing MCC accounts into one, you'll want to choose which one you want to use going forward. And for the other MCC, you'll want to invite all the client accounts housed under it to join the MCC you want to use going forward.


What are your thoughts on using broad match keywords with brand name versus brand name itself? Will the two cannibalize each other?

You'll probably want to use exact match for brand names, but in general, it depends on the size of the brand (search volume) and other keywords you’re grouping it with.  


How can I market my web development services?

Divide up your offerings into ad groups of services you offer.  Use ads for each service (like site development, SEO, etc), then use distinct sets of keywords for each ad group. There are lots of different ways you can do this so check out our Help Center or Community for more ideas.

Re: Office Hours: You asked, we answered

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If you ever have questions at other time or can't make Office Hours, post them in the Community!