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Not having clicks on my display campaign

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i set up a campaign for search and display network at the same time, but i'm not having clicks on the display one.

My Default max. CPC is set to auto and my bid strategy is Focus on clicks, automatic bidding, no CPC bid limit. I have both text and display ads, separated in two adgroups. Also I have segmented the campaign with display keywords and about 200 placements.


In 4 days I'm getting no impressions and no clicks in the display campaign. But in the search one the campaign is OK.


Any tips?

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Re: Not having clicks on my display campaign

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Hi João, it's difficult to predict what exactly is going on, but here's some suggestions:


1.  What's your daily budget?  The Display Network (GDN) has its own Quality Score and it's possible that your chosen targets are producing a low QS and that the required CPC for your Ads to appear is close to, or above, your daily budget.


2.  Do your Keywords match the Placements you've chosen.  When using Keywords and Placements, you're asking for both conditions to be satisfied.  If Google considers your Keywords to be irrelevant to the sites you've chosen, you'll have a low QS and again you may not rank high enough to show - even with an unlimited CPC (since Google demands a minimum QS).


3.  What's the traffic on these 200 sites?  What is the competition?  If the sites are very low traffic, or are highly competitive again you may not be ranked high enough to show your Ads.


I would always recommend running Search and Display Network Campaigns separately to help diagnose these issues.  Or, if available to you, you could try a Search & Display Select Campaign which would automatically place Ads on the GDN where Google feels they are most appropriate.



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