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No values in URL for {matchtype} and {position}

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I have a question for the experts. We are using a common Value Track parameter template for multiple customers across thousands of campaigns however about 10% of the landing page URLs do not have a value for MatchType. A smaller % will have no value or the word "none" for Position. The behavior is not consistent. The same campaign, adgroup and keyword combination will have both parameters one day and the next be missing one or both. Any idea why we'd get data for matchtype and position one day and not the next?

Here's an example of the valuetrack parameter responses we're seeing in our web logs where c: is the campaign id, k: the keyword, m: matchtype, pSmiley Tongueosition, d: device, ai: adgroup id, Next entry is the date and time from our web logs.

c:278869485,k:att internet plans,m:,p:none,d:c,ai:16757420685 2/23/2016 13:39
c:278869485,k:att internet plans,m:,p:none,d:c,ai:16757420685  2/22/2016 4:55
c:278869485,k:att internet plans,mSmiley Tongue,p:1t3,d:c,ai:16757420685 2/4/2016 15:00
c:278869485,k:att internet plans,mSmiley Tongue,p:1t3,d:c,ai:16757420685 2/4/2016 14:58



LJ Purtee

Marchex Technical Implementation Manager

Re: No values in URL for {matchtype} and {position}

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  - Hey LJ, how are things?


It's kind hard to tell exactly what's the problem without some extra information. My guess is that might happen for specific network or device or something.


I'd recommend for you to add a few parameters in order to try and understand the problem. Here they're:


{network} - Where the click came from: "g" for Google search, "s" for a search partner, or "d" for the Display Network
To try and figure out if a certain network is creating the problem


{device} - What device the click came from: "m" for mobile (including WAP), "t" for tablet, and "c" for computer

To try and figure out whether some device is creating the problem


{targetid} - The ID of the keyword (labeled "kwd"), dynamic search ad ("dsa"), remarketing list target ("aud"), or product partition ID ("pla") that triggered an ad. For example, if you add a remarketing list to your ad group (criterion ID "456") and target the keywords ID "123" the {targetid} would be replaced by "kwd-123:aud-456".

To try and figure out if some types of campaigns are creating the problem


Also, can you share with us the ValueTrack tempalte you're using on the campaigns?


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click