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No comp for keywd, yet no ad displaying for acronym of new company

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I have a new business with a unique 2-digit acronym that I believe my customers will use.(purposely designed the name this way)  When I google the acronym, there are no adds.  It is one of my keywords, but it does not display my add.  Expected clickthrough is below average.(new history)  Ad relevance is below average.(I don't get this one either...acronym is in ad)   landing page experience is average.  How do I get my add to display?  


Thank You,

Mr Frustrated

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Re: No comp for keywd, yet no ad displaying for acronym of new company

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HI Mr Frustrated,

No ads on a page does not mean you should expect a low CPC. If it's a new business, neither you nor Google really know how well it will perform.

Relevance has little to do with your keyword showing in your ad. It's really a predictive score the indicates CTR. The more people click on your ad for that keyword, the more relevant Google will consider the ad to be. Landing page is average--that's a good thing.

Does anyone actually search using your acronym? Look in Google Analytics under keywords. See how people are find your site through organic search and try to develop on that.

I would still keep your acronym as a keyword. You may need to bump your bid up a bit to get impressions. Once you get impressions, and if you have a good CTR for the keyword, the actual cost should come down a bit. I would also use the new company name as a keyword.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords