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No business generated when there has been so many clicks

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So far I have spent more than 400 dollars or so on ads. Not one business lead or not one call - I know there are lot of people out there and it is not a direct one to one - but this is totally unfair!!

Re: No business generated when there has been so many clicks

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Hi Ramesh,

There are many reasons why your campaign(s) may not be performing.

The first thing I would look at is whether you're appearing on the display network. By default you're automatically opted into the display network where your ads will show on websites with Google ads.

While there is a time and a place for the display network, I would recommend sticking with the search network (i.e. your ads will only show on the Google search results).

If you log into your account and go to your campaigns tab, scroll to the bottom. If there are stats on the row where it says "Total -Display Network" I would suggest changing your settings to pause this.

Click on a campaign and in the navigation bar click "Settings"
Under the heading "General" You'll see "Type",
Click "Edit" next to that and in the window that appears you'll see a drop down on the left - Select "Search Network Only"

Other than that it's important that you're only appearing for relevant terms. There are various keyword "match types" ( so it's important you chose the right ones to ensure you're receiving the most relevant traffic possible.

It's also important to add Negative keywords, again to ensure you receive relevant traffic. The above link talks about these.

Other than that, ensure you have compelling ads which promote the benefits of your product/service and also have a strong call to action so that the user knows what to do upon entering your website.

There's a lot that can be done but without knowing how you've built your acocunts, it's difficult to make suggestions. However, the above should get you started.

If you have any questions on the above or have any more questions, just ask.

Remember, the more info you can provide, the more we can help you.