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No ads on a google search = no competition for this keyword?

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Hi All,


to try to find good keywords, I've used the keyword generator. It tells me that for keyword X the CPC could be, say, 0.50, but the competition would be low.

When I google this keyword X, I can see no ads at all displayed on the screen, just the search results. (note: I see tons of ads when I go after a common keyword like "second-hand car", so it's not an Ad-block type of thing). Does it mean that there is essentially no competition at all for this keyword? If I bid the minimum for this keyword, with a sufficient daily budget, will I get my ad displayed each time someone searches that keyword, in position 1?


Thanks in advance for your answer, I've searched in the FAQ and all but can only find vague statements,


thanks again!

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Re: No ads on a google search = no competition for this keyword?

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Hi andreuxg, the first thing to bear in mind is that "no competition" doesn't mean (necessarily) that your CPC costs will be low.  Google's aim with Adwords is to present relevant and useful advertising to search and display users.  If you're the only person advertising a particular product/service you can't necessarily guarantee only paying $0.01 a click as Google will evaluate the "value" of you advertising.  You may well be the only person advertising that product, but if your campaign/site is poor, you'll have to pay for the clicks.


More importantly, checking for ads by actually searching Google is very unreliable.  Search results aren't static or "dumb".  It may be that no-one is advertising in your area or not at that time of day, or that Google has detected you've done frequent searches for X term and not clicked any ads so it'll adjust what you see.


Another important consideration can be why there's no competition.  If you have an idea/product/service that doesn't seem to have any ads running, it's easy to think "Hey, there's an opportunity!".  However, it's much more likely that others in that industry have tried Adwords and found it ineffective.  While I don't personally subscribe to the idea that there's "nothing new under the Sun", it'll be very rare to think of a product/service that someone hasn't tried in the past. If you don't see any ads, it could be considered a warning that it'll be tough to make a profit via Adwords.



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Re: No ads on a google search = no competition for this keyword?

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Hi Jon,


thanks for the quick answer,

I bet it will be worth a try, then, to get a case-by-case answer, keyword by keyword,


have a good day!



Re: No ads on a google search = no competition for this keyword?

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Hi Cobnut,


Do you have any information as to how google "values" my advertising?