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New option for Display Campaigns : Targeting by "parental status"

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Hello All,


Have you noticed the new beautiful option today in Display Ad Groups ? It is called "Parental status" , but it seems not to have enough data , only a tiny fraction of today's impressions match this status , the rest are "unknown"....


This is a great targeting for businesses oriented to Parents and I suppose it is not very difficult to detect a browsing pattern such as "80% of today's pages for this user are about infant products" Smiley Happy





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Re: New option for Display Campaigns : Targeting by "parental sta

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Thanks for highlighting, Adrian!

Re: New option for Display Campaigns : Targeting by "parental sta

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Hi Adrian,

Me and my colleagues had noticed this feature a couple of weeks ago. After some amount of researching i was able to find some relevant content on this feature here:

Basically, this feature allows advertisers to either exclude or adjust bids for these demographics, just as you would for the Age and Gender demographics. If you think about it, this could be incredibly valuable for specialty businesses like, baby clothing retailers and children’s toy manufacturers. From what I understand, Google is trying to sell this feature as a means of a granular & specific targeting option to advertisers and if it does help you achieve this, it is going to be a great tool.

I have not been able to use this tool in my accounts but if anyone does manage to apply it, please do drop in an update here.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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