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New campaign for new Offer

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My site has multiple offers for local calling people in Canada.


Currently my campaign has adgroups grouped based on branded & non-branded terms. Normally I comes up with 3-4 offers at a time. My question is do I need to create a separate campaign for each campaign or can i create separate adgroups in the current campaign with proper ads?


Please help!!




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Re: New campaign for new Offer

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Hi Mreenal,


Thanks for reaching out.


The key question here is for each of the offers do users search using the same keywords? If they do, then you should probably do the following:


  • If you have 2-3 offers, create an ad describing each offer and let them run against each other in the ad group
  • Add Sitelink Extensions to promote the offers so that these show up along with your ad 
  • If you have a page that lists the offers down then you could also look to create an ad that highlights that you have offers and take users here; This would be a better way to use Sitelinks than the way mentioned above since the sitelink extensions should ideally contain different pages than your ad landing page.


If the users would look for different keywords for these offers, it'd make sense to keep them in different campaigns, provided you have enough budget that you can allocate to each campaign separately. This also helps you decide how much you wish to spend for promoting each offer.


Hope this helps.

Re: New campaign for new Offer

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Hi Mreenal,


That decision (separate campaigns or ad groups) should be based on your budget. Separate campaigns if you want to allocate a budget to each offer. Separate ad groups if you want the all unde one budget.


Best of Luck!




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