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New Shopping Campaign

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Firstly, will the existing PLA Campaign type be phased out at any point in favour of the new Shopping Campaign type?


Secondly, most of our adwords conversions come via PLA's and over time I'd like to think we've structured these campaigns pretty well. With this in mind, is there any reason to switch our PLA's to the new Shopping Campaign type at this point in time?

The way I see it, is that if you have a working PLA Campaign that performs well, then switching to the new Shopping Campaign type brings nothing new and in actual fact, causes limitations.


Am I missing the point of the new Shopping Campaign type?

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Re: New Shopping Campaign

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Yes, I believe you are missing something.
Shopping Campaigns allow you to break out and use specific and automatic bidding on your OWN product taxonomy. You can also benchmark your products and separate into your own product groups (not just Google's). There's a bunch more other useful features like impression share reports a the product level.

While it's still in beta, I would imagine we'll be slowly migrated this year. If I was in your shoes, I'd start testing and slowly move over. Remember, you can only run ONE campaign for each group at a time so it's either one or the other.

A good approach might be to migrate your worst performing campaign/group first and go from there.

There's no word on forced migration but let's assume it will happen.

Re: New Shopping Campaign

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Thanks Dave, I can already break out and use specific bidding on chosen products from my feed. I have a PLA campaign set up with a product type per ad group, so I'm able to refine it further by adding negatives at ad group level as well.
As far as I can see with Shopping Campaigns, negatives can only be set at campaign level.

Impression share at product level is good though and I take your points about slowly migrating.