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Negatives in Adwords Editor 11

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So I select the ad group I wish to add multiple negative KWs too.


Yeah I select make multiple changes, I then have to select the ad group from a list that shows my entire account.


How can the system not recognise I am in this 1 particular group and intuitively select that group? This extra process of selecting the ad group is a waste of my time and bring no benefit.


Can this be resolved in 11.3


I really hope it does, because it's such a simple yet time saving requirement.


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Re: Negatives in Adwords Editor 11

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Rising Star

Hi Amish, you can add negatives going to "Keywords,Negative" and clicking "add negative keyword".


Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: Negatives in Adwords Editor 11

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I understand this, the issue is adding multiple negative KWs.

I want to add 5 negatives KWs in 1 ad group, in the old editor, If I am in the ad group, I select make multiple changes and it gives me the option to add the negatives to THAT GROUP.

NOW, I have to find that ad group and select it then input the column parameters then add them in.

It's just not as efficient, really think Google needs to look into this.

Re: Negatives in Adwords Editor 11

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Hi Amish,

Have you tried uploading the negatives using a spreasheet?

You just have to create the sheet with the columns names as Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword(negative) and then Matchtype. Once this is ready, just go to the keywords tab, then the Negatives tab, select 'Make Multiple Changes', copy paste the spreadsheet in the dialogue box that opens up, make sure the column names at the top are correct and then hit 'Process'.

Do give this method a try and it should work for you. It does for me!

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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