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Negative keywords blocking a search

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One of my ads is not appearing due to a negative keyword blocking a target keyword. In my case the search is for.. dog trainer.. and if I add a location, like.. dog trainer Basildon.. it appears. But apparently dog trainer alone is in my neg keywords and is blocking the search.

When I look through all my online campaign negative keywords, its not there. Ive looked numerous times, but its not there!! How can I unblock a search when the neg keyword is impossible to find??

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Re: Negative keywords blocking a search

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If you do not have a negative keyword than I think a negative keyword can not be the reason.

Maybe the ad rank (CPC + quality score) is to low for the keyword dog trainer?
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Re: Negative keywords blocking a search

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Sounds like you may have a broad match negative keyword on your list for which "dog trainer" is a synonym or a phrase match negative "dog trainer" or a variation of either dog or trainer (maybe "puppy trainer"?). I'm leaning toward the phrase match.

Take another look at your negative keywords at both the campaign and ad group level for negative keywords that could be interpreted as dog trainer.

Question: did you use the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool and the tool told you a negative keyword is blocking the query? Did you geo-target your campaign, but you live outside the target area? That would produce the same result (not seeing your ad) but the message in the APDT would be different.

Use the tool, set your location to within the target area and see if you get the same result.

Best of Luck!

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