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Negative keyword conflict

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I'm currently setting up a new AdWords campaign for a car dealership who specialise in "nearly new cars" - not used cars. The problem I am facing is that I have a variety of phrase match keywords such as "nearly new cars" etc however I need to stop the adverts from being displayed for keywords such as "new cars", "new cars uk" etc.


Would adding "new" to the negative keyword list prevent my adverts being displayed for keyword triggers such as "nearly new cars"? If so, I guess the best way for me to set this up correctly would be to have a negative list containing the hundreds of phrases I don't want them to come up for - but there will be a few that slip through from time-to-time OR would adding exact match keyword phrases to my campaigns and a broad match negative of "new" to my the campaign work?


Kind Regards,


Liam McArthur

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Re: Negative keyword conflict

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Hi Liam


Well no adding "new" wont stop triggering your ads for "nearly new cars". Have a look on the below chart to understand this scenario better.




So in your scenario you can use Negative keyword exact match option. For eg using exact match on "new cars" or "new cars uk" will stop triggering ads for those keywords.


Also please read this Adwords blog post for more information on this


AdWords Optimization Tips: More on Negative Keywords


Re: Negative keyword conflict

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I wanna only correct something to Nisal...Adding the word "New" as a negative keyword will prevent showing your ads for any search query includes the word "new" so it's going to prevent triggering "nearly new cars".

Re: Negative keyword conflict

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Hello Liam M,


Your problem depends very much on the match type used in the positive and negative keywords.

Remember that you can always test your positive keywords by typing them as search terms in the Ad Preview tool . If you have a negative keyword blocking them, it will show up as an explanation.


In your described problem you seem to have a phrase match positive keyword "nearly new cars" so to this question


Would adding "new" to the negative keyword list prevent my adverts being displayed for keyword triggers such as "nearly new cars"?


the answer can be


a) if you have a phrase match negative keyword "new" it will block the phrase match positive "nearly new cars" and any other positive keyword containing the word new.

b) if you have an exact match negative keyword [new] it will not block the  phrase match positive "nearly new cars"


I would advise going through the Keyword planner and similar tools ( ,  ) and see what are the  top 20 traffic keywords containing the words new and cars to see which keywords from 2-3 words or more are not good for your business.


Simply adding these high traffic expressions which you do not want, as exact match negative keywords, will help you block most of the unwanted traffic. The rest of the expressions you will have to discover from the Search Terms Report.


In some cases phrase match negative keywords can be useful too but there is a chance that they could block useful search terms and there is no report of "search terms blocked by your negative keywords".

Re: Negative keyword conflict

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Hi Liam,
To add to Ahmed & Nisal's answers, yes, adding "new" as Negative Keyword will prevent your Ads from showing for Keyword searches for "nearly new cars."

Have you considered using Broad Match Modifier (BMM)? Using Broad Match Modifier, you can tell Google to only show your Ads if a searcher searches for "nearly" and "new" anywhere in their query. Using Broad Match Modifier, you could bid on:
+nearly +new +cars

Then, your Ads would show for the following searches:
new cars nearly
uk nearly new cars
new cars nearly

As long as the searcher has "nearly" and "new" in the query, you're Ads will show.

Broad Match Modifier -

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