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Hi Guys,

I have some queries. Currently I am running  2 campaigns simultaneously:

1]  Google Search Campaign
2]  Google Merchant campaign (PLA)

Query 1]
Is it possible that my 2 different ads will be displayed targeting same website from single Adwords account. 1st  ad triggering from  Google Search Campaign and 2nd  ad from Google Merchant campaign (PLA).  As far as i know its not possible to have two ads running simultaneously. So just need your views on this.

Query 2]
Which campaign will have more brighter chances for ads to trigger..? I know it's all about having better QS, Ad relevancy, landing page relevancy etc. for ads to trigger. So, if there is anything else apart from these mentioned items which helps in triggering the ads please let me know Or anything else I should consider for optimization.

Thanks in Advance..Smiley Happy

Azeem Shaikh

Azeem Shaikh
SEM Freelancer & Consultant.
Adwords & Bing Ads Certified Individual.

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Re: Need Your Views

Google Employee
# 2
Google Employee

Hi there Azeem


Thanks for posting!


In relation to your first question, yes, a text ad and a product listing ad can serve at the same time and this isnt considered double serving (which is against our policies).


And in terms of which would be more likely to show, your text ads will be triggered by your keywords, whereas your product listing ads will be triggered when someone types into Google terms with which you described your products in your merchant centre feed - so there are slightly different ways in which these ads get triggered. 


In terms of optimisation, you've already thought of some good points to focus on, but I'd also recommend trying to boost your click through rate (CTR) as this is a key component in boosting your quality score and can reduce the cost of your advertising over time. 


Hope this helps! Does anyone else in the Community have any other thoughts on this?