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My video ad status says Serving Approved

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My video ad status says Serving Approved, does this mean that my video is already running?

Also, I have another video that says the url is not valid, how do I fix that?

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Re: My video ad status says Serving Approved

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Hi Anderson,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. Regarding your two video ad questions:


#1 My video ad status says Serving Approved, does this mean that my video is already running? Serving Approved basically means your ad has been approved by Google. Don't worry, it should shortly be showing on Google Display Network.


Once you've created your text ad, you'll probably be curious to see what it looks like on Google's search results. Or you might just want proof that it's actually running. The best ways to do this are by using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, making sure your ad is enabled, and checking your account statistics.


If you've just created or changed an ad, remember that Google needs to review and approve your ad before it can run on the Display Network, search partner sites, and sometimes even on Google. You can see whether your ad is under review by looking at the "Status" column of your account's Ads tab.

Check on your ad without affecting its performance

We know it's tempting, but it's best to resist the urge to search for your own ad on Here's why:

  • By performing searches that trigger your ad, you'll rack up impressions without clicks, which can lower your clickthrough rate and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should.
  • If you repeatedly look for your own ad using Google search but never click on it, you might stop seeing it entirely. That's because Google's system stops showing you ads that it thinks you aren't interested in.

Best ways to check on your ad

    • Option 1: Use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool
      See where your ad appears in search results for a particular search query. This is an easy way to check how your ad appears in context, and the tool provides the exact same results as a Google search without accumulating any impressions. Just visit, or click Ad Preview and Diagnosis in the Tools and Analysis tab at the top of your AdWords account. After you choose the appropriate options at the top, you can see exactly which ads are being triggered by the search term you enter in any location.


If you've targeted your ad to a certain language, location, or device, be sure to specify this information when using the tool. For example, if you've targeted your ad to only appear to customers in Los Angeles, you'll need to enter Los Angeles in the "Location" box.

Video: How to use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool
In this video you'll learn how to user the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool
  • Option 2: Make sure your ad is enabled
    Click your Ads tab and look for a green circle next to your ad. Paused ads will have a "paused" sign next to them. You can change your ad from "Paused" to "Enabled" status by clicking on the paused sign and selecting the green circle from the drop-down.


  • Option 3: Check your account stats
    See if your ads are receiving traffic from customers. Sign in to your AdWords account, and click the Campaigns tab. On each tab, you'll see statistics that show detailed information about your clicksimpressionsclickthrough rates (CTR), and much more. You can use this information to make sure your ads are actually running and getting traffic.
    Check your account stats


  • Option 4: Visit the Keywords tab
    Make sure your keywords are triggering ads. Click the speech bubble icon in the "Status" column Speech bubble to get information about whether a keyword is triggering your ads to appear.


#2  I have another video that says the url is not valid, how do I fix that? Under All video campaigns in your AdWords account, click on the Ads tab. Click to the right of the name of the video ad in question, you should see a pencil icon. Click on the icon, you now be in Edit ad. Verify that the Destination URL is valid. Keep in mind the following: 


Destination URL is the webpage address of where you'd like people to be sent after they click your ad. 


What to do: Enter the URL address of the page on your website that best matches what this ad promotes, like the specific product or service described in this ad. 


Requirements: Make sure to comply with our destination URL policies. Your destination URL must take people to a webpage that shares the same domain name as your ad's display URL.


More about your ad URLs


My video ad status says Serving Approved

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product catagery not maching properly

My video ad status says Serving Approved

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