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My name

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For my own name I put a low bid (because it's my name) then it says I am under the bid amount which is .75 more than what I put

Now, why would MY NAME have such a high bid amount on it?

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Re: My name

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Probably it's because other people are bidding on your name....


Why would they do this? There are lots of reasons - but the most likely are:


1. they are your competitors and hope to pick up traffic that's looking for you.


2. you have a common name


3. your name can mean other things


The first is the most likely - if you operate an ad campaign in a market sector that has a strong market leader it is quite common to use their brand and company names to try and capture traffic looking for the "leader"


you will know if the second is a likely candidate


And the third can be tackled, to a degree by negative keywords and good ad copy. Let's say your name is Frank Boston - plumber.... firstly you could add a negative keyword - Maine... that would help get rid of some of the searches for the city. Tea party would get rid of some more, Red Sox - another swathe and so on.


Then you could make sure that you made it absolutely clear that you were offering plumbing services in your ad copy.


These are all considerations worthy of investigation - check out your keyword reports to see what search terms are triggering your impressions.

Re: My name

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Hi Sharon,


I'm always very wary of the first page bid estimate. If you're bidding for your own name, I assume you have your own personal website and in this case Google will realise that you're website is very relevant to searches for your name and should reward you for this with an increase in quality score. This will allow you to pay less per click for better ad positions but it may take a bit of time for Google to gather data and reward you. 


Keep optimising your search term reports and you'll probably notice your CPCs dropping over time.


Good luck!