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My ads won't appear on google

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I have set up everything but i dont know why my ads won't appear on internet. Evrything is said to be "enabled" so I dont know what is the issue.

Re: My ads won't appear on google

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Hi Sonia,




Few things you need to check here


  • See the ad copies status and make sure that they are approved
  • Your keywords have good quality score And your are bidding competitively in order to show your ads on first page
  • Your keywords have enough search volume
  • You have sufficient amount in your account


Hope this helps,


Re: My ads won't appear on google

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Hi Sonia C


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


In addition to Shuva's advice, I'm curious as to whether you have been searching for your ads using a regular search? When you search for your own ad by using a regular search, you could be racking up impressions on your account and this will affect your click through rate.

Please see the article "Find your ad". It gives four options about how you can check and see if your ads are running (and preview them too) without affecting your account statistics using the ad preview and diagnosis tool.


Kind regards