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My ad doesn't appear

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Hi I just joined adword and I designed my first ad and set budget by 50 by day and set bid limit to .74 for click

I entered my billing informations and every thing is good I set payement autimatically and I did payments with (600) and I entered 20 keywords

but now I have this message and my ad doesn't appear in test 


Your campaign budget doesn't enable additional spending today

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Re: My ad doesn't appear

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Hello Yasser-Ragab


Welcome to adwords community, 

you set an average daily budget .  how much you want to spend in a day, Google  work to deliver your ads whenever they're eligible to earn clicks that meet that budget. Google evenly show them throughout the day as often or as little as needed to earn those clicks. Due to the constantly changing ad auction, number of advertisers, web users, and shifts in search and web browsing trends, on some days we might not meet your average daily budget, and on others we might slightly exceed it. Google never go over your average budget by more than a 20% difference. If we underdeliver, you'll just pay for fewer click costs than your limit in that day.


So if you  should try to increase your daily budget so that it work properly. 


Hope it helps you 

Re: My ad doesn't appear

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi there, 


Suman gives some good advice there! This link explains your Daily Budget in more detail if you'd like to read any further.


I'd recommending checking your hour of day report to see how long your budget lasts. This will help you find out whether your budget is sufficient for you needs. I'd also recommend checking out your Lost Impression Share report, as this will show you the % of impressions you are missing out on due to your daily budget. 


Hope this helps!