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My Camapaign is not working create my problem in below lines

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This is a my problem for according my google adwords regarding issue. in below lines:

My campaign is not generating clicks,impression so many issue. What should i do. Please give early info. I am facing several days it type issue. i called adword executive but they are not give proper resolution. they are telling you change bid strategy and cost you problem will be early resolve but i do thenever i become not resolve problem. plz check and resolve my issue. 


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  • Your click-to-download ad isn't supported by the mobile device that requested it. 
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There aren’t enough impressions or clicks to accurately determine this keyword’s Quality Score.
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My Campaign is not working create my problem in below lines

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Hi @Fight T,


This seems like a settings issue or campaign setup oversight. Also, please confirm if this is a mobile app install campaign?


If so, confirm that your device settings at your campaign level is set to "mobile". In addition, you have to be very specific when setting up your adgroups for these types of campaigns. Your destination url's (where you download the app) need to correlate with the adgroups you are using.  Which means you also need to make sure that your destination URL is sending your users directly to the app install page.


For example, Android and Iphone app installs need to be in separate adgroups with their perspective download url destination otherwise you will be prompted the error you're noticing.


Troubleshoot those first and let me know if the problem persists.


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