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Multiple Adwords Accounts Questions

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I am unclear about Adwords Policy regarding multiple Adwords accounts for one business, there is lots of conflicting/unclear information on this, thanks in advance for the clarification.


1.  Can a business have multiple adwords accounts promoting the same website if it does not violate the double serving policy.  (A lot of PPC strategists advise running multiple accounts for various reasons.)


2.  Can a business have multiple adwords accounts promoting the same website if they link to different subdomains.  (Say for different services, different franchise locations, etc.)


3.  If these multiple accounts are allowed, can they use a promotional code when they sign up?

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Re: Multiple Adwords Accounts Questions

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Gerrit,

1. So long as the double-serving policy isn't violated, you can technically have multiple accounts for the same website. Sometimes I hear of people doing that if they need to bill different parts of the advertising to different departments in their company or if they have their display advertising and their search advertising run by two different groups. Otherwise, it's honestly just easier to run it out of one account. But technically, yes, it's possible to have multiple ones.

2. In the same vein as the above answer, this is also technically possible, as long as it doesn't violate double serving policy. However, for ease, I'd probably just run separate campaigns in the same account for the separate subdomains.

3. Depends on the terms of service for the particular promotional code you have, but probably so.

Hope that helps!

Re: Multiple Adwords Accounts Questions

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hello there;

I will be more "direct" in my reply  than @CocoP ;  Smiley Tongue

Per the "double serving",  the domain is only one signal / indication/  criterion for  evaluation of a "double serving" violation.

If those sub domains are owned by the same business entity, and sell similar  products, with similar pricing -  you are most likely in violation;

I would recommend to read the full "double serving" documentation. (It's only one page... Smiley Tongue)



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