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Measuring Results of Engagement Ads

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I am running True view Video campaign and engagement ads on display and promoting a video through it.

Goal is to increase views of video at lower cost per view.


No doubts about true view video ads. Regarding engagement ads for Video, will an engagement be considered as video view?


I am getting lower CPE on engagement ads than CPV on True Views. Are these comparable?


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Re: Measuring Results of Engagement Ads

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Hi Ankur,

I don't think you can actually compare TrueView ads with Engagement ads directly. Let me try to explain my reasoning here.

With TrueView, a "view" is when a user watches 30 seconds of the video or the entire video if it's less than 30 seconds. Clicks aside, this is how you pay, for a view.

An Engagement is simply an interaction and I don't believe that Views are really in play here, you're bidding for Engagements - this could be simply expanding the ad, starting the video and then exiting within 5-10 seconds. You pay for this with Engagement ads as this is an engagement - there is no threshold for views in play here.

However when you compare that to TrueView, that 5-10 seconds, assuming the video is longer than that, there is no charge as the requirement for a view was not met.

We're also assuming here that no clicks on ads or overlays are taking place.

Now the final part here is what YouTube will show as views. My understanding is that if the video starts, YouTube calls that a view. So both of the above examples could technically appear as views on YouTube - but in this case, reviewing the view duration is helpful.

I hope I didn't make this worse for you, just trying to help out.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Measuring Results of Engagement Ads

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Thanks for your reply. Basic purpose of campaign is to increase video views count. So it solves my query.

If an engagement increases my video count, its fine with me.