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May 9 AdWords Office Hours - Recap and transcript

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Thanks to everyone who was able to join Hangout Office Hours! We had a great discussion with a lot of really insightful questions. Keep an eye on the +Google Ads ( page as well as right here in the Community for announcements regarding future Office Hour sessions.

Here's a recap for anyone who was unable to join:


Google gives a $100 credit, correct? For the first time?

The AdWords marketing team sends out promotions for a number of cases, including new AdWords users. If you qualify for one of these promotions, you’ll receive one from us directly. Some third-party partners also have promotional credits available. You can usually get in touch with one of these groups by doing a Google search for them.


How’s Google Ads useful to a private individual? Like if you just have a blog?

Great question, although people most often think of AdWords as a promotional tool for products and services you’re selling, it can also be very helpful in generating brand awareness. If your blog is still relatively unknown and you’re trying to drive traffic to it, there are a number of different ways that AdWords ads can be leveraged to do this. The Display Network is a great tool to leverage towards accomplishing this goal. You can target specific sites that complement the theme of your blog and promote your site alongside related content. For more tips, see this article


When it comes to showing your ad on mobile devices, what’s the best way to do it?

I’d recommend taking advantage of all of our mobile-preferred options. You can set specific ads and ad extensions to be mobile preferred. So when you're creating mobile-specific ad text, think about how your target users search differently on their mobile device compared to a desktop and what type of content would be more appealing. You can also set a mobile-only call extension if you’d rather direct mobile users to call and desktop users to visit the site.


In regards to Quality Score, does it matter if you have special characters (like dashes) in the Display URL?

No, as long as you’re complying with our Editorial Policies (), special characters don’t have any impact on your ad. Your display URL’s clickthrough rate is a factor, however. You can see a list of factors that affect your quality score here:


Does dynamic keyword insertion work the same on mobile ads?

Yes, you can use keyword insertion with any text-based ad, including text ads, ads with location extensions, or mobile ads. To learn more, see


What are the things you can do to improve quality score?

Quality Score is designed to measure the relevance of your ads, so changes you make should be geared towards improving relevancy. For example, you should be creating themed ad groups so your keywords are directly related to your ads. It’s also good to use your keyword or the keyword theme in the ad text. Here is a really great article that provides seven simple things you can do that can have a big impact on quality score:


With call tracking, how does Google provide that information to the advertiser? And what’s the benefit of using this as opposed to a third party?

You can find this information within your AdWords account. The data is located in the *Dimensions* tab after you select ‘View Call Details.’ Metrics that are available include start and end date/time, call duration, status, area code of caller, and type of call (manual dial versus mobile click-to-call). The benefit of using Google call tracking is that it is free and easily accessible in your AdWords account, however you are also welcome to use a third-party provider.

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Re: May 9 AdWords Office Hours - Recap and transcript

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Great stuff Kyle! 


If anyone has any queries about these topics, please ask below and the Community will try and help out as much as possible!