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Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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I run a marketing company based in Sydney, Australia.


A company called Matrix Advertising ( has pitched themselves as able to guarantee consistent front page placement of my business on Adwords, for a set monthly fee. 


It sounds too good to be true.  Does anyone have experience with this company and are able to advise if this is genuine? 





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Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Hi Robert,


Normally when it sounds too good to be true, it is...


Nobody can guarantee front of page placement for a fixed price and it's actually against the 3rd party policies


I have found in the past, when someone has used a company like this, they are given a few exact match keywords and the cost per click is very inflated compared to what others might pay for the same keywords. It's not cost effective at all from what I've seen.


Personally, I'd ignore and move on to find someone more reputable.


If you are looking to get someone to manage it for you I have a few tips.


1 - Make sure you get access to the account (even if only read only)

2 - Speak to the actual account manager that you'll be dealing with if possible, check their credentials as well. Not all managers in every company are equal and it's good to know you don't have a personality clash.

3 - Speak to a few people and try and get a recommendation if they have used someone before


Most reputable companies like to help expand their clients knowledge. It helps when you know why changes have been made so if you can get on board with one like that, you'll be good.


You can have a look through the Google partner search to find qualified AdWords partners in AUS


Good luck with it.

Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Hello Robert


It is all about optimizing the campaign to a level that desired average Ad position is achieved, but under a fixed fee model is it possible to achieve consistent position, I doubt? Beware about the selection of your keywords, depending on your business type and your target user a list of potential keywords is analysed, to trick clients some people just use low cost per click keywords on which there is very less competition.


The good way to judge the keyword potential (if you can't use Google AdWord Keyword Tool) - search for a keyword and see how many Ads are running on the same keyword, if you find the page full of ads (Top 3 ads and on right hand side 7-8) then it means its a good keyword as your competitors are bidding on it.


You can also completely learn AdWords from here:

Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Dear Robert, Please be advised that the whole idea about the guarantee is that we run our estimates based on the fact that we do optimize the campaign to be able to achieve better CTR & better QS that can get us able by time to get cheaper CPC so we can get more clicks that allows us to keep your website for a certain set of keywords on the first page more often with a set budget. It's not rocket science, this is how Google Adwords works and the whole concept of better quality score, cheaper cost per click so your budget gives more time on the front page is mainly how Google Adwords work. Please read about the Quality Score and how optimizing an Adwords campaign can amazingly affects the performance here:

Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Hi I have just recently been 'targetted' / called by "Matrix Advertising Solutions an Australian Company incorporated under the Australian Laws (Provider)"


And you are right, it would seem to contravene Google adwords law, to promise non stop running of the ad for a fixed fee.


For instance I would only want one term, two words and the core keyword of my industry.


It is possible that a good QS can bring the ad price down, but as you know, google will often elevate the ad position, which usually leads to more clicks and most advertisers then lower their bid to reduce the heat on this word. the spiral affect of being a high ad position will usually end in very high costs.


That said, if I won a lot of customers through this, that would be great, but the sales person keeps saying they want loyalty and trust, and I 100% doubt that they would give access to the adwords accounts at any level. I do adwords campaigns for clients at the moment, so I was interested in how they believe they can permanently advertise my site for a set fee.  I know the adwords volumes (exact match etc per month) and the tricks that people do such as reducing the geographical area or turning the ad off at certain hours etc. There are many potential ways to scam someone.


They want a month up front, and then three monthly payments upfront ...  I have asked them to contact me back with specifics for a single keywords for a week trial, but they dont seem to like listening, and like overtalking while I am explaining my position.


If it sounds too good (check their asics records etc).  I would like to think this mircale could work, but if I cant afford advertising, I dont think they get a dramatically cheaper cut for buying in bulk like traditioinal advertising either. I guess I could always check my google analytics account to see where the new clicks are coming from, but I want loyal new customers, not a click frenzy. it would have to pay for itself, and at the moment matrix are VERY short on answering my specific questions, and VERY pushy ...


Be good to hear more people's actual experience with using their systems ...

Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Dear Bruce,

Just one thing we'd like to clarify from our end here at Matrix, We will be running your campaign at the rates of 80% as Google Budget and 20% as our management fees. Also you'll be granted access (Read-Only) to the Adwords account in our MCC (My Client Center) so you can be ware of any changes whether in the Geo-Targeted area, Keyword match types and so on.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we'd be more than happy to assist you with it.


Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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this company is a SCAM

they contacted our business to provide unlimited clicks for our google Ads 24/7 for 30 days for 13 contracted keywords for $2200 a month.

money paid, but no service received, all their phone numbers are disconnected, they dont have ABN

we discovered late all these facts

Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Dear Mo,

We sincerely understand your frustration, but please be more specific in describing your experience as you didn't like the service after a couple of hours from the campaign activation and we've been so patient trying to address your concerns but you couldn't understand that it was only a few hours of advertising and we've had more time ahead to maintain high positions and get better performance because you cannot judge a campaign after 2 hours!

So to avoid the misunderstanding as the case was clearly going to the hassle zone for both parties, we've cancelled your agreement and we've refunded you the whole $2200 in FULL as per the receipt below from PayPal:

Original Transaction
Date Type Status Details Gross Fee Net
Nov 18, 2013 Payment From Mo Murad RefundedYou have refunded this payment in full.You have refunded this payment in full. Details $2,200.00 AUD

Related Transactions
Date Type Status Details Gross Fee Net
Nov 29, 2013 The funds that were placed on temporary hold have been reversed Removed Details -$2,200.00 AUD $70.70 AUD -$2,129.30 AUD
Dec 1, 2013 Update to Reversal Canceled Details $2,129.30 AUD $0.00 AUD $2,129.30 AUD
Dec 1, 2013 Refund Completed ... -$2,200.00 AUD $70.40 AUD -$2,129.60 AUD

Your case is a mutual mistake from both sides and we regret for such a bad experience you've had, but we believe the word scam applies on those who take your money but you've got your money in full and it's the first case that we've a client requesting to cancel the service before it even starts and you can check our company's history with PayPal who we believe won't be scamming you Smiley Happy

We wish the best of luck with your business and we apologize once more for the bad experience.

Our phone number in Australia is: 1300 369 268 (9AM to 5PM Sydney time)
address in Australia: 58 Kitchener Pde 302 B, BANKSTOWN NSW 2200 Sydney,
And the USA phone number is: 804) 441-9024 (9AM to 5PM EST)
address in USA: 3959 Pender Drive, Suite 103, Fairfax VA 22030
Our ABN is: 55-160-635-530

We don't really appreciate the false claims and we highly recommend only listing facts!


Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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Matrix advertising LLC are a big scam
to list the fact they sold me serivce that is not provided by google "unlimitted clicks, there are no such things by google"
they clearly told me there is no refund when i fopund out they are deceiving, and they tried offer different products instead !!!
when i asked to get the serivce i bought or have  a refund, they said will provide the service and they given a date to start, but as usual they did nothing na dthey did not reply to our email, till we lodge a com[plaint through paypal.
its because i lodge the complaint ,paypal found its clear they are misleading and got my money back immediately, due to previous complaints they had
their phone number in australia is never worked, and once i signed what suppose to be the contract for unlimitted clicks
they started to say there is a budget!!!!
they tried to be smart,
all detailed emails are available to support the facts
they try to be nice once they knew that i got the refund anyway, and they have no control over it, trying to scam other people
but be careful, they are deceiving, misleading and they can be scam if you are not protected


Re: Matrix Advertising - Adwords service

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To compy with the Adwords community rules as advised by John Paul below, we've edited the post. and we won't be pursuing any further with this. We got involved in a business relationship and it didn't work out so it was ended in a gentle way with you getting your money in full and we wish you all the best in the future.