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Low volume search keywords

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Hey All,



In my recently created campaings i added keyword but i found many keywords are showing in Low search volume while i setted default bid $5.00 in each keyword & i have to setted all keywords at top page but there top page bids of keywords are less than default bid.


So i am confused if i setted those LSV keywords with there top page bid (which is low than default bid) then this keywords will show or not .


Let me suggest pls 

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September 2015

Re: Low volume search keywords

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Hi Aarti D,

No, those keywords won't show unless there is an increase in search volume
for them. They don't do any harm being in your account and "can" become
eligible if the search volume does increase. Changing the bids doesn't
change the search volume though ;-)

Re: Low volume search keywords

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  Smiley Happypurefuzz ,


Thanks for suggestion ....