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Low ad rank - ads not showing

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We have changed nothing on our site, and nothng on adwords.


Our ads have been running for over a week with no problems, out account balance ran out so we toped up, since then we have this message on our keywords

"Showing ads right now?

Although your ad is showing, its rank is not high enough to place it on the first page of search results. What can I do?"


Our cpc is auto and to the max, our Quality score is 7.


Nothing has changed but yet our ads are no longer running?


Help please.

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Re: Low ad rank - ads not showing

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Try to use more ralevant keywords ...try to improve quality of landing page....

Re: Low ad rank - ads not showing

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Hi Enirose G,

This usually means your keywords had a lower than expected CTR based on historical data. What was the QS on those keywords when you started the campaign. (If you didn't make notes on the QS at the time, you can not retrieve it now by resetting the date range.) My bet is the QS was higher to start than it is now. That's all a function of CTR once your ad starts to run.

What can you do to improve ad rank? You could raise your bids, but I would work on the ad copy first and make sure it is relevant to the keywords.

Also, if you are using broad match, run a search terms report and see what people actually searched for to trigger your ads. Search terms that perform well should be added as phrase or exact match. Search terms that are obviously unrelated should be added as negative match. This will help the CTR, improve the QS and allow you to show on the first page with a lower bid.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords