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Location Targeting for International Searches

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Back in November 2013 Adwords changed the way location targeting works in AdWords for International Searches.


Basically when im abroad on business if i try and search on (UK) or search the preview tool i am presented with a mixture of Uk & foreign search results. This effects only paid results and not natural listings for some strange unknown reason.


From the adwords blog guidelines the adwords system is detecting my computers IP Address as being foreign therefore when searching on Google UK issues me mixed search results for PPC.


This is casuing major issues for myself and inparticular adwords users who travel abroad frequently on buisiness. 


When i am abroad and visit (UK) i expect to see just UK search results and not a strange mixture.


According to the Google Help page of ''Change your location on Google'' it states to should be able to change your country location under the search tools option but this doesnt have any effect at all.


Can anyone help on this matter or how IP address detection can be overridden by manually changing how Google issues me my search results when abroad?


Much Appreciated


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Re: Location Targeting for International Searches

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To be honest with you, Google has different ways of detecting signals and showing custom ads to the users online. Be it IP address, Device location, location of interest preference etc...


Based on the above mentioned factors (few), ads are matched to the geographical location where the user is present.I would encourage you to read this help center reference for more insights:


Also, here's another article which might be useful for you explaining how to change your location on Google along with other info:



Re: Location Targeting for International Searches

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Hi Pankaj,

Thanks for the reply and links but these do not resolve the issue, as stated in my first post even if you manually change your country location via the search tools it still shows PPC results from your ip address' country location.

Why Google haven't setup a backup facility / option so that you can chnage your geo-location which effects what search results you view is very user un-friendly, especially for advertisers who are out of the country for long periods.

I do understand that the location of interest setting has changed but there should still be a facility where you can still view UK or without a combination of uk and foreign search results when located in a foreign country. Even stranger that this Adwords update in Nov 2013 doesn't effect natural listings.

If anyone else can provide guidance or away around this issue it would be appreciated?

Re: Location Targeting for International Searches

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Hi Happy_Search,

First, it's no surprise that AdWords update had no effect on organic listings. The 2 systems are completely separate. Neither one will affect the other.

I'm confused about your question and your concerns. Are you concerned about what other people might see, and whether they would see your ad? Are you concerned because you can't see your ad?

Have you tried an incognito session with location set?

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Location Targeting for International Searches

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Hi Petebardo,

Thanks for the reply.

Basically when i'm out of the country on business (inparticular United States) i simply wish to visit and just see search results pages (text Ads) from the uk market only.

Currently due to adwords updates in Nov 13 there is no way advertisers abroad can view search pages without getting a mixture of UK and foreign text ads.

Surely Adwords must have implemented a bypass or override option so that advertisers abroad can view search results pages from & see just uk advertisers.

The ideal work around would be that if you manually set your location settings to UK you would only see uk search results on but at present it the adwords system detects your ip address as foreign and you search on you are presented with a mixture of UK & USA results.

Has Adwords got any solution to this issue? I surely cannot be the only advertiser who has run into this problem whilst abroad.


Re: Location Targeting for International Searches

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Hi Again Folks,

Since my last post (please see above) i've noticed that when abroad and searching google uk ( the UK text ads are being being given a much higher position on the search pages than previously. Its as though the uk ads are being given priority over the country of origin ads? Has google updated the ''Improvements to location targeting for international searches'' policy? There is no official notification of this anywhere.