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Location Targeting and Exclusion

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to exclude and include targets all at once and could use some other perspectives. Here's the scenario using the standard taxi example.


- I have a campaign targeting Louisville, KY with the keywords "louisville taxi" and "taxi" using the People In targeting method. This works fine for what I'm trying to accomplish here, which is local targeting.


- I have another campaign with most of the same keywords that is excluding Louisville, KY as a target but targeting the state of Kentucky * 20% and then all of the United States. The targeting method here is also People In as I want traffic from everyone else in the US looking for "louisville taxi" and I'm willing to pay 20% more for people in the state of Kentucky. I'm only including keywords that mention the city, i.e. "louisville taxi", and keywords like "taxi" are not included.


The problem I'm having is that there are multiple Louisville locations in the US so people looking for a taxi in Louisville, CO are seeing ads and landing on pages targeting Louisville, KY. I could exclude Louisville, CO or even all of CO but I'm doing this for every geo in the US so is there a better and more scalable way? What if I targeted Louisville, KY but chose the People searching for or viewing pages about targeting method, which would show the ads to everyone but those in Louisville, KY? Would that eliminate the problem I'm having? It's not clear to me how Google defines "searching for" or "showing interest in". Is it all keyword based?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: Location Targeting and Exclusion

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Hi Aaron,

I feel your pain here. This isn't as cut and dry as it could be and I'm not even sure I have a great solution for you, just some thoughts.

First, I'm unsure what you mean by "I'm doing this for every geo in the US" - What exactly are you doing for every geo in the US? Does this mean that you have this structure for every Geo in the US?

My response may or may not make any sense, it sort of depends on the questions above.

First, I would personally use the advanced location picker, type in Louisville and exclude everything that is not Louisville, KY.

The people searching for or viewing option could work, but I've had mixed results based on the exact scenario that you're mentioning here. Determining perfect intent from a search term like Louisville, is near impossible when there are multiple options for what that actually means.

Not sure that this helps at all but thought I'd chime in.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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