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Location Targeting Creating Problems

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We are running campaigns for an institute having multiple branches across the country. We have created location specific campaigns having product specific adgroups within. 


My issue is that for some keywords, the ad preview tool shows that it is trying to serve ad from some other location campaign.


So I have a campaign targetting Delhi and I have a campaign targeting Hyderabad. When I search for my keyword (it is a generic keyword and doesnt have location modifier) from Delhi, instead of triggering ads from my Delhi Campaign, the ad preview tool shows up a red bubble that it is trying to serve ads from Hyderabad (and is naturally not able to show results because hyderabad campaign has hyderabad location targetting)


My question why didnt the Delhi campaign serve the ad -

Bid is ok

Budget is ok

search term is generic (doesnt have any location as part of search term)

my selected search location is delhi


Location Targeting Creating Problems

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Don't necessarily believe the preview tool...


Check your geographic reports in the dimension tab. Are you accruing impressions from outside the targeted area of each campaign?


What advanced targeting settings are you using?