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Linking adwords account with legacy youtube account

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We are a startup and are trying to start an adwords for video campaign utilizing the 60k+ viewers of our youtube videos as our initial audience. If our adwords and youtube accounts had been set up with the same email address,  this would be straight forward. They were not. We have an adwords account under my personal gmail email address. We have a youtube account set up under another different non-gmail ( address. What is the best way to link these accounts, so we can import that youtube audience into an adwords account and run the campaign. Ideally, we would set this up so that future employees can administer both, without having access to my gmail accounts (which the current adwords account is under). We do NOT want to lose our 60k+ viewers of the youtube channel in the process! This happen to us on facebook and it was a real loss. Having it under my gmail address (where the current adwrods account is, would be fine, if we can grant access only to adwords, to future employees like we do with Google Analytics now, but I already have a youtube account under that email address, so I don't think youtube will let me change the account that is under the address to be under my youtube address? unless maybe I delete or somehow merge them?). Any guidance is appreciated. 

Re: Linking adwords account with legacy youtube account

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Hello Bob,


Maybe this will help


Or simply generate a new adwords account with the youtube email with a different password made specially for adwords.