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Trying to understand the best way to use keywords.


I sell graphic designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies.


So I use the word "t-shirt" (Phrase match) then phrases like this should trigger the ad.


christian t-shirts

motorcycle t-shirts

funny t-shirts

t-shirt graphics

t-shirt designs



The same would be true if I used sweatshirt and hoodie as (phrase match) keywords.


Is this correct?


I would not need to use keywords such as custom t-shirt, custom graphic, graphic printed, are should the words like custom, and graphic be more phrase match keywords/


Thanks for any help you can offer

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Re: Keywords

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It is correct, but you going to get your ad shown for phrases "nano t-shirt", "worst t-shirt", etc.
You should add keywords and phrases and then add "Broad match modifier", so when someone searches for your product, your add is going to be shown ONLY when your "Broad match modifier" is found in search term.
BMM is added with + sign. Eg. +t-shirt...
And, it it better to use keyword tool in adwords, add search terms, run campaign and weed out non converting keywords.
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Re: Keywords

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Good morning.


Think of your AdWords campaign as a series of funnels. What you want to to is to 'funnel' your paid click visitors to the most appropriate landing page--the page that shows them the precise products they are looking for.


So, instead of using the keyword "t-shirts" (which is very generic and, as Drazen F points out, will pull a lot of inappropriate traffic), let's have an example where you use christian t-shirts and motorcycle t-shirts as keywords, in separate Ad Groups. You write different ads for each Ad Group to attract those searchers, and the destination URLs for those ads would be the specific pages on your website that display christian t-shirts and motorcycle t-shirts, respectively.


So, you  have one Ad Group with words related to christian t-shirts and the ads for those keywords lead visitors to a page that specifically displays christian t-shirt designs. It does not show motorcycle t-shirt designs or cartoon character t-shirt designs or anything else. It just shows christian t-shirt designs. This provides the best user experience and should provide the best results for you.


Then you do the same for motorcycle t-shirts and other 'categories' of t-shirts or other products that you sell.


I would advise using a generic, one-word keyword like t-shirts with great caution. First, AdWords generally ignores punctuation in keywords, so what you're really advertising on is t shirts. Even though some of the traffic will be what you hope for, you're going to get searches for images of people wearing t-shirts, or searches from women looking for blouses with a 't-shirt' neckline, etc. In addition, because one of your words in your keyword phrase is just the letter t you're going to get a large number of searches around just shirts. (The system doesn't really know what to do with single letters. It's going to try to find traffic for your ads.)


I would suggest that you read the AdWords Help material on How keywords work for a better understanding of how to select your keywords. Start small, with just a few keywords, until you're comfortable that you understand the system and that you're spending your money wisely.


And if you have specific questions, of course, you can always post them to the Community again!

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