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Keywords: Competition within Account?

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Hi all,

I know about and accept the fact, that every keyword should only be used once in my account (unless targeting different regions or devices).


so now the following situation arises:

Campaign A: Keyword: "Imagefilm"
Campaign B: Keyword: "Hotel-Video"

both phrase match.


User searches: "Imagefilm Hotel-Video".


The ad from which campaign is going to be shown?

How to structure accounts to where i get the most tightly grouped keyword/adText combination?

There is a multitude of these Things arising here:

campaign: "Hotel-Video"
campaign: "Image-Video"

campaign: "Product video"


i would like to structure relevancy into the account, but cant see how. user searches what user searches in any combination he/she wishes.


Suggestion: ??


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Re: Keywords: Competition within Account?

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As a rule of thumb - and there are plenty of other variables to consider - the keyword that will be shown is likely to be where google will make the most money.


This does not mean that your keywords will compete with one another - that doesn't happen.


All other things being equal the keyword with the better QS (or elements of this - such as CTR, etc)


If you want to control which of the two campaigns triggers the ad - use negative keywords... so use Hotel as a neg in Campaign A and/or imagefilm as a neg in Campaign B.

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Re: Keywords: Competition within Account?

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I am not sure I agree on this as a general statement:



>>> All other things being equal the keyword with the better QS (or elements of this - such as CTR, etc.),


And I also would say, that your "rule of thumb" is in contrast to Google's statement. (See link below)


 It is a much more complex algorithm. Since it is that complex; the best would be to read it in the help center. (Find a quiet place, where you can concentrate - there are 3 main scenarios and many exceptions,)


 @floshkit; I think your case (since similar KWs, same match type, but different campaigns) falls into one of the exceptions...but, I did not get that deep to figure.(So, I could be wrong). Read this section in the link below: Multiple keywords within multiple ad groups are similar to the search term.


Since it is a complex algorithm, try to avoid competing KWs- my advice.


How similar keywords match to search terms




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