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Keyword Status Change

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I have a client that targets the location of Atlanta, GA. We have multiple ad groups geared towards keyword pharses such as, "coffee-mug"-GA, "coffee-mug"-Georgia...ect. Previously, the keywords in these ad groups were triggering our ads; however, as of this morning I noticed that none of the keywords called "coffee-mug"-GA or "coffee-mug"-Georgia were triggering our ads.

Our ad status is as follows: The location terms in this keyword can affect where your ads show. 


Our campaign targets the metro area of Atlanta. Why would keywords with the state name attached no longer trigger our ads? 



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September 2015

Re: Keyword Status Change

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Hello AnitaKMudd,


Kindly check campaign Location Targeting setting at Advanced Location Options. If you choose the Target using either physical location or search intent then your ad will show to to users located in your targeted area and to users who include terms specific to your targeted area within their search.


Kindly read the Advanced Location option at adwords help center for better undersating how advance location targeting works.

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