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KeyWORD Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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I'm trying to figure out if {KeyWORD} will capitalize any last word of a keyword, regardless of if it's an acronym or not. For example, I know that "dentist los angeles ca" will become "Dentist Los Angeles CA". But will "dentist los angeles" become "Dentist Los ANGELES"? I couldn't find a detailed explanation in the documentation:





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Re: KeyWORD Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Based upon my interpretation of the Documentation:
For title capitalization and then all caps, use KeyWORD. For example, "Chocolate Made In USA"

In My Opinion, It would be as you suggested, "dentist los angeles" become "Dentist Los ANGELES"

I suggest you create one ad in a group as a test and check it live,
You can test Live by typing in a term that your ad would show, and see what Happens. cost you One Impression (No Click) and you would know for sure

Re: KeyWORD Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Hi Drew,

I Agree with Eric here.


I think, using {KeyWORD} in your DKI ad should ideally capitalize the last word in your headline but you also have to remember that Google does not allow excessive capitalization in their ad copies and especially the Headline.


If I were to guess, this is possible only for special cases like when you want to showcase US or UK in your ad copies ( Country Acronyms is the most relevant use case here). Like, Eric suggested, you can try this out in the form of a A/B test and check if the ad copy does get served and if yes, how does it show up on the SERP.


My guess is that there is a good chance the ad copy may get disapproved (post you take it live), which can take sometime or Google is smart enough to check the words in your headline that you wish to capitalize and can either allow the capitalization to happen (in case of a country acronym) or it does not allow the capitalization and your ad gets served without the word capitalization.

Do let us know if you are able to ascertain if this works or not.


Hope this Helps!





Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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