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Is there less inventory for longer trueview prerolls?

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Hello all,

I've noticed something with my TrueView pre-rolls. The shorter pre-rolls are being played more frequently than the lower pre-rolls. We have set the campaigns to deliver evenly - ie not to optimize. Even if they were optimizing, the longer pre-rolls have better performance. The shorter pre-roll is serving up to 75% of the time. I was wondering if the length had something to do with it. Does the length of the pre-roll have an affect on which videos it can serve before?

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September 2015

Re: Is there less inventory for longer trueview prerolls?

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Hi there,

Thanks for writing into the AdWords Community! I'm happy to help with this question.

So, if your pre-roll instream ads are all located in the same campaign, and within the same targeting group, then the reason this would occur is because there is just more inventory at that time for the shorter pre-rolls (meaning more YouTube channel videos have space for the short form rather than the long form ads in the auction). If, however, they are in separate campaigns or in different targeting groups, this would be due to different targeting methods being applied and again, the inventory would change based upon that targeting method.

I hope that helps explain why this would happen! To answer your final question then, yes, the length of the pre-roll does affect which videos it serves on as it all depends on our auction's inventory and who has what kind of space for certain lengths of ads.

All the best,


Re: Is there less inventory for longer trueview prerolls?

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Google Employee

Hi Schuyler,


There was a great suggestion from Kristin regarding your trueview question. Please confirm if this resolved your question. Thanks.