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Is it possible to stop adds temp and resume them later

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My ads are getting clicked on, however it has not generated any sales.  I've been billed over $300 a month and I want to know if I can temporarily stop the ad and resume it a later date?

I have a feeling my "check-out" page is not set up properly and I need to get that fixed.  I'm new to all this so I need to call my tech people to guide me through.  No wonder I'm not getting sales - right?

So I see no point paying for PPC untill I get this working properly.


Thank you.

Re: Is it possible to stop adds temp and resume them later

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Hey ForeverRC,


Yes, the easiest way to do this is to Pause the Campaign/s in which your Ad's are running, so that nothing within the Campaign continues to run until you fix this problem. Later on, you can easily reactivate these whenever you need.


The problem you may be facing regarding checkout is that you have not yet set up Conversion Tracking on the Checkout Page or that it has been done so incorrectly, so that you may be getting sales however Adwords cannot track this so will not show up on your account.


Hope this helps


Re: Is it possible to stop adds temp and resume them later

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Hi there,


after you've made the changes and are ready to come back, think about the ability to promote your service on specific days of the week or even times of the day. Especially when your budget is limited you want to get the best results in order to get yourself to the next level.


You will be able to find these options in the Settings Tab of each Campaign under the section: 

Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling


Good luck!