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Is it possible to randomly serve ads in display and search network?

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I want to create a display network and search ad campaign without demographic targeting of any sort. No skew towards a specific gender, interests, ethnicity etc. Purely random. Is this possible on the Google Adwords platform or does Google Adwords algorithm always try to find some kind of pattern in who is clicking on the ads and automatically start serving the ads more to that demographic?

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Re: Is it possible to randomly serve ads in display and search network?

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Hi Rosse,


AdWords start randomly once you will start the campaigns but when you exclude the specific demographic option (Like Age Group - 18-24 / Gender - Male) from Display Campaign then your ads will not show that audience. Demographic Targeting only works in Display Campaign (Including Remarketing).


If you want to more about Demographic Targeting then please read below URL:-


I hope this will help you.



Re: Is it possible to randomly serve ads in display and search network?

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@Rose S

We have to differentiate between targeting methods and  demographic targeting;

Well...  You must always have at least one targeting method.    (I.e. A match between content on web pages and a targeting method). It could be a broader targeting, but there must least least one.
In Search with Display Select the system does that automatically for you by matching the theme of your best performing keywords to relevant pages on the web.

More generally, every online platform uses a targeting method, to target relevant audiences. Every business has its targeting clients. You would agree that showing your ads everywhere, on a random basis, would not result in ROI. Even the big brands, with huge budgets, target the relevant audience, their  products are  aimed at.


Back to your initial question: currently you don't have to set a demographic targeting, but it will come soon, since this is part of  the breakdown of audiences advertisers are looking for.


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