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Is it best practice to exclude other remarketing lists?

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This is for the GDN.


If I have various remarketing lists, is it best practice to exclude them from other remarketing related Ad Groups so that you're only hitting up the "unique" users of that remarketing list and not remarketing to the same user who may be on two remarketing lists?


I'm looking to prevent artificial VTC's because a person may have seen two different ads from two different remarketing lists and that may count as two VTC's.


Is it best to combine the lists into one Ad Group if I want to use various lists to see which one performs best, or...?


For example, I have a Page Depth > 1 list and a Session Count > 3 list, if I create a campaign for the first list, should I exclude the second list to make sure I'm not hitting up the same user twice or is it best to combine them into one Ad Group to test which list performs best for CTC/VTC's?


Thanks in advance!

Re: Is it best practice to exclude other remarketing lists?

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Hi @Luis Fernando E


Technically you're right about the best practice idea by excluding other remarketing lists.


When you hitting up the very "unique" audience the test is more accurate and meaningful. But as we're running the business not just working in a lab so we have to make sure the ROI won't mess up besides the test. Your idea can be a very good approach only if your remarketing lists have quite big volume in terms of audience then it can getting results much quicker, especially when you have couples of list to compare.


On the other side it depends on how you set up the rules of remarketing list. In the cases I've been running so far, there is not so much overlapping area across on the user I need to target so basically I don't need to worry about that. The performance is pretty clear with what you see in the panel.


Furthermore, if you have significantly different ads picture and the landing page for different remarketing list, it would be much better for the test as well since you're building up very different funnels to convert, even if the user can be on two or more list buts what he see about your ads are a totally another story.


Hope this helps!