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Indicating Gender in Ads

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My client is a drug rehab ctr for men. Should my ads indicate that it is for men only?  I feel if I do not do that then I am potentially paying for expensive clicks from females in ned of help who will then bounce when they read the home page. Your advice greatly appreciated. Pat

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Re: Indicating Gender in Ads

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Hi Pat,


Wecome to the community..!


If your client's center is providing help only to men, then it is a wise idea to mention it in your ads.


As you said this will prevent clicks from searchers who will be looking for similar service, for ladies.


This will prevent non profitable clicks to your ads.


You can say some thing similat to - Rehab Center for Men - in your ads.


Also adding gender related negative keywords (woman,women, female, lady, ladies, girl,girls etc) to your campaign will help you to prevent your ads appearing for related searches.


Hope this helps,


Re: Indicating Gender in Ads

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    some option available in google Adword . I don't know how it would be work for you..


Age and gender exclusions are available only for these campaign types:

"Display Network only - All features"
"Display Network only - Remarketing"
"Search & Display Networks - All features"

1. Go to Display network campaign.

2. click change display targeting

3. then go to gender option after that the specific genders then select male and make it save.


Eventhough if you select specific gender also..It ll not be work for those who are not member of visiting site. They comes under the unknown catgories.

(male+female)=unknown catgories those who are not registered in visiting site.

one other hand female also possible to search your product for male.  

on other hand display network used to make brand name. Today visitor may be possible to become  a tomorrow customer.

before selecting Method 1: focus on such things. you don't have any problem on click rating and brand name making goes down. Just I wanna control cpc and I wanna target male gender only. go ahead with method 1 else don't go


Method : 2

Here you could target based on age also..some what useful If they registered in visiting site.

Know more about:


Method :3

create ads your targeting keyword + for men only..


Method : 4

better option push female keyword into negative keyword list.


any one search for your targetting keyword + for female na your ll not trigger.. if you include female in negative keyword list.



I think that it would be useful to control your cpc.

have a great day..


Re: Indicating Gender in Ads

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Hi Pat, you've had some great responses already so I'll just add a tiny note of caution about using gender demographic targeting in the Campaign settings, as advocated by pvickyeee.  In order for this to work, Google has to know that a browser is male.  Google uses a lot of methods to try and determine this information, but they don't get all of them.  So, if you choose to target a gender demographic you must bear in mind that you will be limiting your potential audience, i.e. your Ad may not be shown to a valid customer.


That said, I'd encourage you to try this targeting - I'd probably run several Campaigns using various targeting methods and test which is most effective.


Now another tiny note of caution about relying upon negative keywords.  While I'd agree that you should use "female" negatives in your Campaign(s), you should also consider that many people won't be searching using gender specific terms.  As a simple example, I didn't even know that men-only drug rehab centres existed so if I were a woman I certainly wouldn't be using any gender term at all.  What I'm saying is that even if you do use negatives, you will still show your Ads to women, which is why it's important to make sure you use the male terms in your Ad copy.



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Re: Indicating Gender in Ads

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Hi cobnut,


         I hope that everything going well with you.thanks for supporting me. I having only 2 month experience in Google Adwords..I wanna learn lot of infromation about google adword from senior people like you...I really enjoying my time here. could you help me on work?

Re: Indicating Gender in Ads

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Thank you Jon!