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Impression Volume and CPA Issue after Optimisation

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Hi all,


This is my first past here in the new AdWords Community.


OK. So my question is:


I have a client who recently come over to our agency and bought over their old campaign with them. These campaigns were in pretty bad shape, with some containing only 1 ad group still with the default "ad group #1" name... This client is spending quite a bit per month for the industry they are in (currently $50k+ spend per month on one campaign) and get a huge volume of clicks from countries around the world.


So, my problem is, I optimised one campaign which displays to one county in Europe about 2 months ago and since then this campaign has performed wonderfully with a reduction in CPA of around 70%. However, when I tried to apply these same changes to another campaign which targets a batch of countries in Europe I got awful results. The CPA rose by about 10% and the traffic volume dropped by about 80%.I let it run like this for 2 weeks with no improvement and decided to go down a different route.


For my next approach I decided to go through the 1 ad group they had and split out keywords to an individual level (they had about 15 unique keywords in all 3 match types). This means I now have "keyword x" in its own ad group and [keyword x] in its own ad group, with corresponding ad copy, etc. Now one would assume that this new approach would be much more relevant in Google’s eyes right? NO! I have been running the campaign this way for 2 weeks and still getting about 90% less traffic volume and a higher CPA than before??? What tha?


Can someone please shed some light on why this may be happening? I have checked Lost IS Rank and it has only gone up from30% to 40% at the campaign level. Also, the client has $2,500/day limit for this campaign and only ever hits about $1500 max.



Hi DejanSEM, I noticed in your optimisation you mention...

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Hi DejanSEM,


Good to have you on the forums.


I noticed in your optimisation you mentioned phrase and exact match but not broad.


With the other European countries, you might find that you need the broad match to pick up on some foreign language country spelling mistakes.


What way have you set up the language targeting?


I've run overseas campaigns and even though they are in english (keywords and ads) I had to open it up the the foreign languages as well to make sure I got enough coverage.


Let me know if this helps you. Good luck.



Hello DejanSEM,   I have been running the campaign this w...

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Hello DejanSEM,


I have been running the campaign this way for 2 weeks and still getting about 90% less traffic volume and a higher CPA than before??? What tha?


Seasonality can be a big factor, if keywords are seasonable you can see less traffic volume. Check the quality score and first page bid of keywords. Please consult with client also, as he would have good understanding of market. Compare data of last few days, check which keywords had given you traffic, check ad text etc.


CPA work better if your ad group is highly themed and optimized in best way, after doing this don't make changes in campaign. If you keep changing campaign CPA will not work in best way and also if you opted your campaign to CPA just few days back then in starting you can see high CPA but as campaign grow CPA will reduce.

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Hi purefuzz, Thanks for the input. The campaign does ac...

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Hi purefuzz,

Thanks for the input.

The campaign does actually contain broad keywords. In fact, it contains the exact same keywords form the old campaign.

Basically, before I changed the campaign it was setup like this

  1. campaign 1
  2. ad group #1
  3. 50 or so keywords, 20 of so of those were unique. All 3 match types were used. For example, "keyword a", [keyword a], keyword a. So in many instances it was a dupication of the keyword other than the match type.

Since optimisaing the campaign it looks like this:

  1. "Example Campaign Name "
  2. Ad groups: 
  • Keyword x broad
  • keyword x phrase 
  • keyword b exact
  • keyword b phrase 
  • etc.

So in essence it is the same campaign as before just with a much better structure. I have also kept the targeting options identical to before, so there should be no influence from those (targeting 40+ languages, display all hrs)

Let me know what you think.


Hi DineshSEM,   This is not due to seasonality. The campa...

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Hi DineshSEM,


This is not due to seasonality. The campaign was generating bucket loads of traffic before and stopped abruptly after optimisation.


Also, I am not running CPA style bidding. I meant the conv/cost has increased since launching the changes.