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Impression Assisted Convesions

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Hi Guys,


I need your help with "Impression Assited Conversions" 


Can any one share some views on this;


Keyword: Anatomy and Physiology course - Pharse

Conversion per click - 2

Convesion many per click - 4

Click assisted convesions - 12

"Impression assisted conversions - 18"


I have read some of the articles on this but didnt find them useful. So, please let me know how "Impression Assited Conversions" works with a simplest Example.


Thanks in Advance..Smiley Happy



Azeem Shaikh




Azeem Shaikh
SEM Freelancer & Consultant.
Adwords & Bing Ads Certified Individual.

Re: Impression Assisted Convesions

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Impression-assisted conversions is the total number of conversions for which this keyword triggered assist impressions prior to the last click.


For example, if a customer clicked on two ads for the keyword "merchandise" before later clicking on an ad for the keyword "store" and converting, this would have counted as two "assist clicks" but only one "assisted conversion."


I hope you'll have better understanding now.



Anand Vishwakarma