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If I have same keywords in different campaigns but related product

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Hello guys,


I have read couple posts on the forums but they don't seem to give me the answer I am looking for. So, decided to create new post, hoping I can get my question answered.


Here is my problem, I am using Adwords to advertise certain products that are closely related and pretty much use the same keywords. Today, I realized that having same adgroup (With different ads) in two different campaigns is not good because they compete against each other.


So pretty much, same ad group with same keywords with different ads in different campaigns. My concern here is, if I remove the adgroup in one of the campaigns I will be losing out potential costumers because the two products are closely related but have differences, but still use the same keywords to be described. 


Would highly appreciate someone giving me some tips for this, as I am not sure what to do.Smiley Frustrated

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Re: If I have same keywords in different campaigns but related product

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Hi Leury, if I'm reading your post correctly, you have products where you feel they need the same Keywords, but they're actually different.  For example, you sell "ballet shoes" and "running shoes" and they can both be targeted by "shoes" as a Keyword.


If that's correct, what I'd suggest is that you have (using the example above) three Ad Groups.  Have one that only uses Keywords specific to ballet shoes (e.g. +ballet +shoes, "ballet shoes"), one specific to running shoes (e,g. "running shoes", [shoes for running]) and one that deals with generic queries based upon the Keyword "shoes" where the Ads say things like "Wide Selection of Shoes", "Shoes for All Occasions", etc.


As you suggest, while you have the same Keywords in the same Account, you have no control over which Ad is shown for which Keyword so (again using my simple example) if you have "shoes" in one Group with Ads for Ballet shoes and "shoes" in another Group with Ads for running shoes, there's a good chance someone searching for "running shoes" may see an Ad for ballet shoes.  (In fact, I believe Google is more clever than this but it's a possibility).


The general principle of all Ad grouping is to make the Group as tight as possible to the product - even if that means a single Keyword per Ad Group.  You could go as far as having a "red ballet shoes" Group with Ads just about red ballet shoes (although DKI could help here).


So, in short, I'd look closely at whether you can make your Groups and your Keywords more tightly focused and where you can't use generic Ads.  You may also want to consider using the specific Keywords as negatives in the generic Group(s).  For example, if your generic group has the Keyword "shoes", you could add "ballet shoes" as a negative, ensuring that searches specifically for ballet shoes are matched by the ballet shoes Group, not the generic one.



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Re: If I have same keywords in different campaigns but related product

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Thanks Jon,

I appreciate your help!