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IP Geolocation for advertising (NOT keyword based)

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I wondered if it is possible to geotarget WITHOUT keywords.

Say for instance that my client is an educational institution in a suburb of Sydney (say Penrith)  and I want his ads to appear whenever someone from Penrith uses Google, irrespective of what they are searching for.


So if the are in Penrith (information derived from IP address) searching for Pizza my clients ad will come up BECAUSE of their IP address/geolocation.
My understanding is that this is not possible because searches are based on the use of keywords, not location? Like they would appear in search if someone typed 'school Penrith'. But not if they typed in pizza.

So you can include or exclude based on people looking for ‘school’ by location but not by their actual location?

It would seem to me that it ought to be possible to target based on IP address alone, but it seems like it’s not – it needs to be connected to keywords.

Is that the case?

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Re: IP Geolocation for advertising (NOT keyword based)

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Location can be determined either by someone’s physical location (IP address), or locations of interest (ex: Includes the name of a location in his search).

In your case, if you are using the default advanced location option, your ads can show in two case :-

When someone physically located in Penrith searchs for "Pizza" based on the physical location
When someone physically located in France searches for "Pizza in Penrith " your ads will come up as based on the location of interest.

let's look at it from different angel, let's say that you are an advertiser from Italy targeting the word "Pizza in Penrith" and someone who's physically located in Italy search for this keyword. Two types of ads would show:-

Ads based on physical location (Italy) from advertisers who are targeting the keyword "Pizza in Penrith"

Ads based on location of interest from advertisers in Penrith target the keyword "Pizza" and variants.

Finally, don't forget to check the advanced location setting , it would help you to maintain much control over targeted locations:-

Hope that helps!

Re: IP Geolocation for advertising (NOT keyword based)

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Hi David,

The most important factor in ‘search’ advertising is keywords and relevancy.

Think about user experience. Think about a user searching for ‘pizza’ and getting results about ‘schools’.

Personally I will not use a search engine for long, if that gives me ‘school’ information when I am hungry and search for ‘pizza’.

Google knows it. That why we have the Quality Score factor in Adwords.

This is what Google thinks about Relevancy.

“When a customer searches and finds exactly what he's looking for. That's what we consider a great user experience, and that's what can earn you a high Quality Score.”

“Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and bring you the most success.”

That is the reason we don’t have ‘just’ location/IP based advertising.

Re: IP Geolocation for advertising (NOT keyword based)

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Hi David, it is possible to run Ads without using Keywords, but not on the Search network.


You could run a Display Only Campaign using Topics and/or Interests and your Ads would then be shown on websites to anyone in your targeted region who fell into those categories.  There's nothing to stop you adding all the Topics/Interests in Google's provided lists so in theory you could show your Ads to anyone.


However, this sort of unfocused marketing is highly unlikely to be successful.  Advertising works best when it is aimed very tightly at people who are likely to be interested in the product or service and the method above would likely rack up some very substantial costs with limited return.  That said, as a branding exercise for a local store, it could be an interesting experiment.


Can I ask what your thinking is behind the question?  If you can provide us with some more details we may be able to offer a better solution.



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Re: IP Geolocation for advertising (NOT keyword based)

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Hi Jon,


I think your answer is best.


I have a client who has a private school in Penrith he is trying to get his message to people who live in Penrith. He could use the local community newspaper that is delivered in Penrith to attract people who live in the area.


However if it is possible to target people (using display advertising is fine) who live in Penrith (defined by IP address/Geolocation) irrespective of what they are looking for and simply because they live in that area that would be good.


After all if I live in Penrith and search for Pizza or car repairs or whatever Google (even if I don't use my location as a keyword) will give me results from around Penrith first. So if I use "all the Topics/Interests in Google's provided lists so in theory you could show your Ads to anyone" then I will achieve the object of showing those ads to people in Penrith irrespective of what they searched for?


So does that mean I can target by location and NOT by keywords?


Is that right?