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I need the adwords bundles regions list in a text file, how can I get this?

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I desperately need the bundled regions lists Google used to have...where can I get that list? Any site? Anywhere? It's just gone from Adwords and everything needs to be inputed manually, what a pain!


I know that someone at Google has that list, it's not like it just got deleted!



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Re: Targeting regions / countries

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Hello xuzo; Welcome ;

I figure that your question is "how to target d a few regions / countries in one click?"

That can be easily done using the Geo-targeting tool. Follow the technical instructions in the help forum.




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Re: Targeting regions / countries

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HI Moshe,


Actually no, not like that.


I'm looking for the Google list of bundles they used to have, like Western Europe, S Asia and so on.


Now THAT was one click!


I need lists of countries per bundle, the only person who would have this would either be a webmaster that fetched somehow or a Google employee...Smiley Wink



Re: Targeting regions / countries

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Hi xuzo,
Hope this will help!
'AS':'American Samoa'
'AG':'Antigua and Barbuda'
'BA':'Bosnia and Herzegovina'
'BV':'Bouvet Island'
'IO':'British Indian Ocean Territory'
'BN':'Brunei Darussalam'
'BF':'Burkina Faso'
'CV':'Cape Verde'
'KY':'Cayman Islands'
'CF':'Central African Republic'
'CX':'Christmas Island'
'CC':'Cocos (Keeling) Islands'
 Democratic Republic'
'CK':'Cook Islands'
'CR':'Costa Rica'
'CI':'Cote d\x27Ivoire'
'CZ':'Czech Republic'
'DO':'Dominican Republic'
'TL':'East Timor'
'SV':'El Salvador'
'GQ':'Equatorial Guinea'
'FK':'Falkland Islands (Malvinas)'
'FO':'Faroe Islands'
'GF':'French Guiana'
'PF':'French Polynesia'
'TF':'French Southern Territories'
'HM':'Heard and McDonald Islands'
'HK':'Hong Kong'
'LA':'Lao People\x27s Democratic Republic'
'MH':'Marshall Islands'
'AN':'Netherlands Antilles'
'NC':'New Caledonia'
'NZ':'New Zealand'
'NF':'Norfolk Island'
'MP':'Northern Mariana Islands'
'PS':'Palestinian Territory'
'PG':'Papua New Guinea'
'PR':'Puerto Rico'
'RU':'Russian Federation'
'KN':'Saint Kitts and Nevis'
'LC':'Saint Lucia'
'VC':'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines'
'SM':'San Marino'
'ST':'Sao Tome and Principe'
'SA':'Saudi Arabia'
'CS':'Serbia and Montenegro'
'SL':'Sierra Leone'
'SB':'Solomon Islands'
'ZA':'South Africa'
'GS':'South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands'
'KR':'South Korea'
'LK':'Sri Lanka'
'SH':'St. Helena'
'PM':'St. Pierre and Miquelon'
'SJ':'Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands'
'TT':'Trinidad and Tobago'
'TC':'Turks and Caicos Islands'
'AE':'United Arab Emirates'
'GB':'United Kingdom'
'US':'United States'
'UM':'United States Minor Outlying Islands'
'VN':'Viet Nam'
'VG':'Virgin Islands (British)'
'VI':'Virgin Islands (U.S.)'
'WF':'Wallis and Futuna Islands'
'EH':'Western Sahara'


Re: Targeting regions / countries

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Hi Rehan,


THank you for the effort, but I need them seperated in the Google bundles, not sure how they did it exaclty...need it like on the image on this post, adwords bundle and regions screen capture.

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Re: Targeting regions / countries

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Hi Xuzo,


As you are also aware Location Targeting was recently upgraded and the feature you're missing was retired. The blog post you referred to indicates that some people out there are creating replacement scripts.


I also liked bundles of countries and don't think it was a good step to retire them.




Re: Targeting regions / countries

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Hi Lakatos


From what I can see, Location Targeting was downgraded, not upgraded! Smiley Frustrated


There must be some way of selecting continents easily, either in the AdWords UI or in AdWords Editor? My clients are constantly asking for campaigns to be run "across Europe", for example. Surely we don't have to option-click on 50 countries from a list every time that happens?

Will have tool to do that by late July 2012

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Hi Chris,


I'll have a tool to do just that by late July early August 2012. Anybody interested please PM or email me (xuzo (@) ), I want to know what the demand for this is to know how intricate I should make this Google adwords bundle tool, it will be available for download over here:


But still, I have to organize the countries according to my estimation, I wish I had the original list....

Re: I need the adwords bundles regions list in a text file, how can I

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Looks like there is some new stuff if you pretend you are an adwords API developer. Has some text files you can download the way you want and an older version.

I need the adwords bundles regions list in a text file, how can I get this?

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Ok, I found the list in 2017...I will build a script shorty for it, link to the page where the script will be available for download is:


If anybody else interested in this feature let me know and I will develop it.