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I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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Accordign to Analytics and Geographical info (in the adwords dimensions tab) I am getting clicks from locations I have excluded.


I am receiving clicks from locations over 70 miles from my targeted location, and from locations that are in my excluded locations list.


I thought it may be a discrepancy with the IP address but I have received orders and enquiries on my website through clicks from excluded locations.


How can I stop this from happening, can I receive a refund for the clicks in my excluded locations. This is draining my budget fast and apart from stopping my Ads altogether I am not sure what else I can do?


Please help.


My settings are as follows :


I am targeting a location using radius targeting (50 miles around a certain area)


I have excluded all other locations within my country (I am in the UK)


In the advanced location options I have set this to - Target people in my targeted location and exlude People in, searching for or viewing pages about my excluded location.


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Re: I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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Its so unfortunate. Google can't recognize people who came through proxy so think its better to consult customer support and ask them options.

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Re: I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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Hello there;


Once yo target a location, you don't have to exclude the area outside this location. Exclusion is for an area within the targeted area. (E.g you target the USA, and exclude a specific state within the USA; or you target CA and exclude LA county.)



This is unfortunate; but, the telecom system in the UK and in many other European countries is not perfect, and Geo-targeting is not as reliable as in the US;


Here are a few past discussions we have had about Geo-targeting in the UK. Pay particular attention to the answers by our fellow Top Contributor, cobnut, who lives in the UK;




Known Radius Targeting Issue & Location Extensions


Location Targeting or Location Keywords - which is best?

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