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I can not find any solution to my problem and I hope a quick solution

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Big problems and I do not see a solution or a clear answer
Always find problems in dealing with Adwords The result is always


تم تعليق حسابك في Google AdWords بسبب عدم إمكانية التحقق من معلومات الفوترة في هذا الحساب أو في حساب ذي صلة. مزيد من المعلومات 


I do not know the real reason for closing the account, my not abuse or violated any of Google's own policies

And not a malicious site or by a problem with harmful, not learned any amendments or additions to the final location. Not worked any additions or amendments in the advertising campaign, and in spite of that account has been suspended and I do not see why my right
Outstanding bill has been paid and as soon as an opponent has been sent a message to comment this how have to deal with Google???
Like the first time also was to pay the bill amount has been deducted account was suspended and talked with one in support and after the passage of more than 4 days
Account was run again, now we are about 8 days I can not find an explanation for account suspension
And disrupt our team in Work Activity is currently in our fully frosted
I hope a solution to the problem, and consider not contrary to the laws and policies do not Ammeltk any other expense in Adwords
Possessed is not my account was suspended for no reason I hope the problem quickly
Thank you

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Re: I can not find any solution to my problem and I hope a quick solut

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Hello there;
Please fill in this form;
A specialist will review the case;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: I can not find any solution to my problem and I hope a quick solut

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Thank you for your reply, I hope to have a solution on hand
I've already enter the link and Qtemt the facility and sent mobilization has not got any response
Am I the same process again?