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How to target a customer based on the query data?

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Few weeks back I visited the website to know the value of my car by entering car registration number but I did not sell my car to them. After then I am seeing the display ads of on the display network websites targeting the same information (car registration, car model and price) of my car in the ad that I entered the website to know the value.


Can anybody please help me in this retargeting campaign? Whats the procedure If i have to set up the campaign like did.


I also want to know the channels where i can set up the campaign eg.. Adwords/retargeter/mediaforge???


if anybody wants to see the banner ad exacty please give me your email so i share with you.


 If any of you does not understand what i have described above. Please do let me know I will explain again.


Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy

Re: How to target a customer based on the query data?

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Hey Zaheer,


I think that what you're looking for is Dynamic Remarketing, you can learn more about it in this short video:



If you want to learn how to setup your Dynamic Remarketing Campaign follow this link:


Good Luck,