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How to share only Campaign Level access?

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I have a very important point here to make in terms of Campaign level access. For example

I have a Google adword account Name A: Now i have many campaigns

Camp1, Camp2, Camp3    ( camp1, camp2 is my campaigns)

Now Camp3 is one of my clients campaign which i made specially for my client.


Now i want my client to access his Camp3.  

He has only registerd his Adword i mean only registered and set time format.

Now when i give him access, he can also access Camp1, Camp2, Camp3  - I have given read only acces. Becz i can't find any MCC access? 

Though i have found from support but the problem is that i can't find any managed accounts table ???


I don't want my client to access Camp1, Camp2 i want my client to access only Camp3.

So what's the solution for such campaign level access?

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Re: How to share only Campaign Level access?

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Hi Lisa,


You can't provide campaign level access to any one else. We can provide account level access instead. It is always recommended to set up different account for your different clients. 


Also MCC is different kind of account, which is umbrella in nature and you can link multiple child accounts or individual account to that. This makes the management of multiple accounts more easy. Check this link for more info about MCC


For info regarding



Re: How to share only Campaign Level access?

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Re: How to share only Campaign Level access?

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Hi Lisa A,


That's not really the best way to do business with multiple clients. When you place them all in one account, the poor performance of one client will affect the QS of a better performing client's campaigns negatively. Your clients are camp1, camp 2, camp 3. If all three are indeed camps and the accounts use the same or similar keywords and target the same area, the campaigns will compete for impressions. Only one ad per account will show on any one SERP.


You and your clients would be much better off if you establish and MCC account, then create individual accounts for each of your clients.


Best of Luck!




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