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How to set Cross-account conversion tracking

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Hi All,


I have set a new MCC account with 60 accounts for one of my PPC client. For each account we have added seperate geo- pages which is existing in the main wesite as Landing Pages. There is a common 'Enquiry Form' page for all landing pages and no seperate thank you page (So presently we are manually programmed with special rules for executing conversion code after successful form submission in 'Enquiry Form' page)


Here I would like to integrate 'Cross-account conversion tracking'. For this I have gone through the link Google Support and found how to create 'Cross-account conversion. Before integrating newly created Cross-account conversion code I need to solution for below mentioned questions,


1. Since all the landing pages have a common 'Enquiry Form' page, how will 'Cross-account conversion script' will execute if we implementing this on common 'Enquiry Form' page?


2.While creating  'Cross-account conversion' code getting a Confirmation Message like,


"You're about to change the conversion account for 60 accounts.
These changes happen right away. Make sure you've already added the required tags to your website. Otherwise, conversions won't be recorded."


How can I add tags for each Landing page?


3. In conversion account it shows "Keep in mind: Conversions can be tracked in only one account". So is this means conversions from all the pages will be track/feed in only one account instead of tracking seperatly in other accounts in MCC??




Please give me solution for my concerns, so that I can move forward. Thanks!







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Re: How to set Cross-account conversion tracking

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Re: How to set Cross-account conversion tracking

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Hi Deejesh,


Those are great questions you've got regarding cross-account conversion tracking. Hopefully I can shed some light as to how this works so you can get it implemented. I'll answer your questions as you posed them:


1. You asked how the conversion tracking code will actually execute if the code is located on a common "enqiry form." The code will actually execute the same way that a normal conversion tracking code would execute. It's a bit unclearas to whether you will still be using manual rules to get the code to fire since there is no "thank-you" page, but if you will still be using those rules and they have been effective, you should not need to change them for the new code you paste on that page. It's hard for us to say whether the manual rules will work as expected since that code implementation wasn't created by Google.


2. That error message is just informing you that you need to add this new conversion tracking code to the "enquiry page" and that if you don't add it, you won't get any data coming in. If the 60 child accounts were using their own codes previously, implementing cross-account conversion tracking will take precedence and the old codes will stop reporting--so the error is just reminding you to paste the new code on the "enquiry page."


3. The conversions reported will report in the account that generated the conversion. For example, if child account X had a keyword that led to a conversion, then the only conversions reported in that account will be those that came from account X. Conversions from account Y will not reported in account X. It won't be a comprehensive report in each account. 


I hope that helps! And as always, if you have any more questions about this, feel free to reach out to support at 1-866-2-GOOGLE.




Re: How to set Cross-account conversion tracking

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A clear insight. Great Thanks Sara!!!