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How to reorder labels in the dropdown when assigning a label

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Hi Adwords Community,


I have been making great use of the labels in the last couple weeks and they are awesome. They help me group my keywords, ad groups, and campaigns into a meaningful groupings. However, I have run into a problem. I have maybe 20 labels and when I try to assign a label to an ad group or keyword, the dropdown list orders the labels by the date they were created. I need them to be alphabetical for easier finding. Anybody know how to reorder them.


By the way, I can reorder the labels in the reporting. Just not when adding labels to things.


To reproduce the issue:


1. Log into your adwords account and click on "Campaigns" in the main nav

2. Click on any one of your campaigns

3. Assuming you are now on the "Ad Groups" tab of the campaign you selected in step #2, now select one of your campaigns by clicking on the check box beside it.

4. Click on the "Labels" dropdown

5. Notice that all of the labels are listed in the order that they were created.


How can I change that?


Thanks in advance for any input.

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Re: How to reorder labels in the dropdown when assigning a label

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Hi Stephan, although I'm a massive fan of Labels, I've not found a solution to this, unfortunately.  At least not an easy one.


The complex solution - off the top of my head - might be to use a Script to fetch the applied Labels to each Account element, sort them alphabetically, then remove and reapply them in that alpha order.  If this worked, you could then schedule this Script to run every day so that if you ever applied a new Label, or changed a Label name, it'd be sorted into the right order overnight.


I'm a bit busy right now but if I get a chance I'll see if this works and if it does I'll share it with you.



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Re: How to reorder labels in the dropdown when assigning a label

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Hi Jon,

I was afraid that was going to be your answer. Good suggestion for writing a script but that's unfortunately a little too advanced for me. I'll suffer through the pain. It's really only a problem when I'm creating new campaigns, ad groups, or ads.